We develop cutting-edge membrane technologies for high-permeability, high-resolution nanofiltration.

About Us

TeraPore’s mission is to solve the most challenging bioseparations problems through the development and use of high-permeability, high-resolution membrane nanofiltration systems for R&D scale bioprocessing, and other applications, across a wide range of industries.

Our Team

Rachel Dorin, PhD
President and CEO

Chris Crock, PhD
Senior Engineer

Jayraj Shethji, PhD
Senior Engineer

Yibei Gu, PhD
Senior Research Scientist

Spencer Robbins, PhD
Senior Research Scientist

Jae Cho, PhD
Senior Polymer Scientist

Board of Directors

Rachel Dorin, PhD

David Seldin

David Michael

Mark Hurwitz, PhD

Steve Turner, PhD

Stuart Berkowitz, PhD

Advisory Board

Neil Schauer, PhD

Marty Siwak, PhD

Ulrich Wiesner, PhD

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